Introducing the New Arctic Cat Prowler Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Arctic Cat Prowler Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

When you’re ready to live up to the namesake of that Arctic Cat Prowler, we have the ultimate lineup of Arctic Cat Prowler Snowblowers by Bercomac just waiting to power through even densely packed snow. Whether you’re working with a long driveway, a trail, and/or acres and acres of land, these snowblowers are built to last, and to do their job well. We’ll kick off our list of reasons you definitely need an Arctic Cat Prowler Snowblower with the fun part: power.

She Packs a Punch

Whether you’re bringing your own motor or opting for a pre-installed version (15/22 HP motors available), both the horsepower itself that these snowblowers accommodate along with the central installation help to optimize both power and performance while protecting your vehicle. We’ll get into more detail on sizes below, but note that the Versatile Arctic Cat Prowler 54” can accept motors ranging from 13 to 23 horsepower. Thanks to the centralized motor installation location, you can be confident that your snowblower is perfectly balanced and optimized for efficiency.

                                    A front-facing image of an Arctic Cat Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV and parked on snowy terrain.

Made to Work Hard

Boasting a 54" wide opening and a 21" high blower, the Arctic Cat Prowler 54" confidently trucks right through even steep and/or hard-packed snowbanks. The extendible frame, adjustable from 73" to 112", also adds an element of flexibility, making it suitable for various ATV models and applications. Finally, the Arctic Cat Prowler 54" features rugged and robust wheels, ensuring superior adaptability and control in any terrain. Whether navigating through deep snow or tackling uneven landscapes, this snowblower is up to the task.

Safety At the Forefront

Rest assured, safety was not an afterthought with the Arctic Cat Prowler Snowblower by Bercomac, which takes advantage of a 3 shear bolt system to deliver complete peace of mind, even if you aren’t used to running a snowblower on your UTV. As riders and enthusiasts ourselves, we’re also all about the practical touch of the BX 55 belt, enhancing lifespan and drastically cutting down on replacement costs and hassle.

Big, Bigger, or Huge: Take Your Pick

We UTV nerds are a diverse bunch when it comes to how, where, and why we use our side-by-sides, which is why Bercomac has made sure to offer their snowblowers in an equally diverse range of sizes and motor options. Choose from the following sizes and motor options (including snowblowers with no motor included, labeled “versatile”):

  • 48” (15Hp or versatile)
  • 54” (15 Hp, 22 Hp, or versatile)
  • 66” (22 Hp)
  • 72” (22 Hp)

Convenient Installation and Control

An absolutely game-changing feature of the Arctic Cat Prowler, especially if you live in an area with unpredictable weather, is the quick installation and removal capability. Thanks to the “hook-on and -off” assembly, you can install and remove in as little as 4-5 minutes! It’s also critically important that the su frame of the blower attaches to your rear hitch, distributing weight and loading much of it over your suspension. Also putting the control back in your hands, literally, is the electrical control box. Engage the clutch, adjust the chute, or kill the engine all from the comfort of your seat - no more hopping out into the cold to make adjustments!

                                         A close-up image of the electrical control box that comes with each Arctic Cat Prowler by Bercomac, including clutch, chute, and engine controls.

Upgrade Your Routine with Bercomac

Make wintertime a season of no compromises with this top-tier lineup of Arctic Cat Prowler Snowblowers by Bercomac. From the wide array of available sizes to the safety features and more, these snow-blasting behemoths will get the job done like never before. It’s the ultimate one-and-done snow solution, fellow riders, so what are you waiting for?