OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Arctic Cat Prowler

May 14th 2024

OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Arctic Cat Prowler

True to its name, that Arctic Cat Prowler will indiscriminately power through snow and mud and whatever else to get where it needs to go, but with an underwhelming steering wheel, you’re limiting your own offroading potential. We know from experience that a poorly contoured, non-weatherproofed steering wheel will cause more harm than it helps, which is why we looked past the neon covers and fancy logos to the nuts and bolts of each and every product in our selection. Rest assured, everything you see, from Arctic Cat Prowler steering wheel replacements to center caps and backing plates from top brands like PRP Seats and DragonFire, has been carefully selected to provide the best experience possible and last a long time. Come on in!

                                                An Arctic Cat Prowler replacement steering wheel by Assault Industries, uninstalled and pictured against a blank background, bearing the Assault Industries logo on the center cap.

Steering Wheels Made for Rough Outdoor Riding

Sure, you could slap a cheap steering wheel cover on and sorta-kinda prepare for the elements, but prepping the right way with an Arctic Cat Prowler Wildcat Shreddy Deep Dish Steering Wheel by PRP Sports is much better for several reasons. For example, high-strength aluminum construction and the moisture-resistant suede covering ensure durability in all conditions. This wheel is configured for a 6-bolt pattern, allowing it to work with most quick-release adapters (more on that in a second), and looks awesome at the same time! This is just one example of the many Arctic Cat Prowler steering wheels and accessories we offer,

Quick-Release, D-Shaped, and Other Arctic Cat Prowler Steering Wheel Options

Whether you’re looking for a steering wheel that you can pop off in an instant and take with you for theft prevention purposes, or if you need to free up precious leg room without compromising quality or performance, our vast selection of Arctic Cat Prowler quick release and D-shaped steering wheels delivers compromise-free convenience and quality. We’ve got all the 6-bolt-compatible Arctic Cat Prowler Quick Release Hubs and wheels, including D-shaped options, you need to make the experience your own.

                                                         An Arctic Cat Prowler Quick Release Weld-On Steering Wheel Hub by PRP Seats, uninstalled and against a blank background, bearing the PRP logo.

All the Accessories You Need

Finally, it would be a shame to swap in one of our premium quality steering wheels only to skimp on the important accessories it needs for both maintenance or upgrade purposes. To make sure you have everything you need with nothing more and nothing less, we offer a full selection of Arctic Cat Prowler steering wheel accessories, including bolt kits, hubs and adapters, backing plates, center plates, hangers, and much more. If you’re tired of surfing and you just need a one-stop shop that you can trust to deliver quality every time, then welcome home. Now, let’s make that game-changing steering wheel a reality!