Your Arctic Cat Prowler Roof Rack Buying Guide

Apr 15th 2024

Your Arctic Cat Prowler Roof Rack Buying Guide

Welcome to our Arctic Cat Prowler Roof Rack Buying Guide! Whether you're gearing up for off-road exploration, hunting trips, or just need extra storage space for your adventures, finding the right roof rack can overhaul your entire experience more than you might think. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the Arctic Cat Prowler roof rack buying process from start to finish, ensuring you make a confidently informed decision and find the perfect roof rack for your Arctic Cat Prowler that sticks with you for years.

"Pre-Search" Is Key

Before delving into the wide world of Arctic Cat Prowler roof rack options, it's essential to do some diligent “pre-search” (also known as pre-research). Start by checking out the top brands and products in the industry to create a shortlist of reputable choices. This will help you narrow down your options and prevent feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available. Here’s a friendly nudge to get you started on your research: Bad Dawg and Side by Side Customs make some of the best Arctic Cat Prowler roof racks on the market, and have been trusted names in the UTV accessories world (well beyond roof racks) for quite some time.

                       An Arctic Cat Prowler roof rack, installed on a UTV parked in a driveway

Establish Your Roof Rack Needs

Once you've created your shortlist, it's time to establish your specific roof rack needs. Consider what gear you'll be hauling and whether it will be consistent or vary over time. Do you need a specialized rack for hunting firearms or a spare tire? Additionally, take note of your roof's shape, curvature, weight capacity, and dimensions to ensure compatibility with your chosen roof rack. It’s always frustrating to research a product, commit to it, wait for shipment, and then have to return it!

Shopping: Know What to Look For

With your needs established, it's time to start shopping. Familiarize yourself with the highest standards of material quality, brand reputation, and functionality. Look for superior construction using high-grade, precision-cut, powder-coated steel or aluminum for maximum durability and year-round use.

Brand Pedigree

When it comes to purchasing a roof rack for your Arctic Cat Prowler, brand reputation matters. Stick to brands with a high reputation and a complete lineup of high-quality accessories, including roof racks. Check for majority-positive reviews and testimonials from other UTV owners to ensure you're investing in a trusted brand.

                              An Arctic Cat roof rack, installed on a UTV parked in a driveway

Superior Construction

Ensure your chosen roof rack is built to last with superior construction. Look for Arctic Cat Prowler racks made from high-grade materials like steel or aluminum, which offer maximum durability and resistance to the elements. Precision-cut designs and powder-coated finishes further enhance the rack's longevity, making it suitable for year-round use in any terrain.

Added Convenience and Utility

Consider features that add convenience and utility to your Arctic Cat Prowler roof rack. Look for racks with universal mounting holes, easy installation and removal (even if it involves drilling), built-in wind deflectors, and low-profile designs. These features enhance your overall experience and make it easier to load and secure your gear for every adventure.

We appreciate that every person is unique in their preferences and needs, which is why this Arctic Cat Prowler buying guide gives you some “homework.” The point is not to shove a bunch of shiny options at you, but rather, to show you how to accurately gauge your specific needs and find the one roof rack that best satisfies all of those needs. Once that rack is on and your cab is cleared up, it’s just you, that Prowler, and trail. Sublime!