8 Top UTV Products for Arctic Cat Wildcat/Prowler Spring Mud Riding Season

Mar 14th 2024

8 Top UTV Products for Arctic Cat Wildcat/Prowler Spring Mud Riding Season

That stubborn winter chill has finally worn off, and it’s left behind a gift for all fun-loving side by side owners: a prime mudding landscape! Whether it’s your first time hitting the mud pit or your fiftieth, has a full selection of Arctic Cat Wildcat and Prowler mudding parts and accessories, from snorkel kits to slip-on exhausts and more. Read on to see our top 8 UTV products for Arctic Cat Wildcat and Prowler spring mud riding season.

Premium Snorkel Kits

When tackling deep mud and water crossings, a snorkel kit is essential to keep your Arctic Cat engine breathing clean, dry air. Upgrade to the Arctic Cat Wildcat Snorkel Kit by SYA Warrior Riser for unparalleled performance and reliability. With removable Warrior Wear Pre Filter Tips and a 2" hard pipe kit, this snorkel kit ensures your UTV can handle any water obstacle with ease.

                                   A side-facing image of an Arctic Cat Wildcat, parked on concrete and equipped with an Arctic Cat Wildcat Snorkel Kit by SYA Warrior Riser.

Aftermarket Exhausts for Major Horsepower Gains

Pick up some much-needed horsepower and torque with the Wildcat EVO U Slip-On by Big Gun Exhaust. Designed for utility UTVs and Side x Sides, this exhaust delivers deep, throaty tone and massive horsepower gains. With a high-temp black thermal-coated aluminum muffler and stainless steel mid-pipe, the EVO U Slip-On is built to withstand rugged off-road conditions while providing unmatched power and sound.

Mud Tires

Conquer the muckiest trails like a pro with Arctic Cat Assassinator UTV Mud Tires by SuperATV. Featuring 3" tread depth and self-cleaning tread design, these tires provide unmatched grip and control in the thickest mud. With a narrow stance for easy navigation and load capacities up to 850 lbs., the Assassinator UTV Mud Tires are the perfect choice for serious mud riders.

                                An image of a single Artic Cat Assassinator UTV Mud Tire

Lift Kits for Superior Positioning

Gain the clearance you need to tackle rough terrain with the Arctic Cat Prowler 2'' Lift Kit by High Lifter. Engineered for maximum performance and durability, this lift kit provides a true 2" lift and allows for larger tires for improved traction. With zinc plating for long life and all installation hardware included, this lift kit is a must-have for any serious off-roader.

Winches to the Rescue (Literally)!

Equip your Arctic Cat with the Prowler / Wildcat 4500 lb Stealth Winch by KFI and you’ll never have to worry about being “stuck stuck.” With a synthetic cable, dynamic and mechanical braking system, and water-resistant seals, this winch is built to handle any situation. Complete with a handheld corded remote and dash-mounted rocker switch, the Stealth Winch ensures you can get yourself out of any sticky situation with ease.

Tough Axles

Upgrade your Arctic Cat's axles with the Prowler Performance Axle by Rugged ATV/UTV Parts to seriously amp-up your mud-busting capacity. Heat treated and precision machined, these axles are packed with high load moly grease and sealed with neoprene boots for maximum lubrication and protection. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, these axles are the perfect replacement for OEM parts.

Don't Forget the Drive Belt

Too often, the drive belt goes overlooked, but don’t sleep on it this year! We recommend the Prowler Warehouse Drive Belt by Gboost Technology. Designed for durability and quality, this drive belt is comparable to OEM standards and features a higher temperature compound for increased heat resistance. With a focus on quality construction and affordability, this drive belt is a smart choice for any Arctic Cat owner.

People to Share It With

That’s more than just a UTV. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family (especially when mudding enters the equation!). That said, we always recommend sharing your mudding adventures with people you care about. Like so many other things in life, the joy of a day out in the muck is greater when shared. As for the gear, everythingarcticcatoffroad has everything you need to make it happen. Have fun!