Level Up Your Arctic Cat Wildcat With Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

Jan 16th 2024

Level Up Your Arctic Cat Wildcat With Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

True to its name, that Arctic Cat Wildcat is gnarly (in a good way) fresh off the line. If you want to elevate your off-road experience even more, Everything Arctic Cat Offroad has a plethora of rear bed size and top bed accessories that efficiently maximize your storage capabilities without being too clunky or in the way.

As ATV enthusiasts ourselves, we understand first-hand how inefficient storage solutions can completely harpoon your off-roading experience and potential. This is why we only offer the best of the best, from brands that “get it.” So, relax, empty those poor pockets and clean off your Wildcat’s floor, because these rear bed size and top bed accessories are here to help you out in style.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Universal Rear Bed Basket by Strong Made

When it comes to expanding storage capabilities, the Arctic Cat Wildcat Universal Rear Bed Basket by Strong Made is definitely one of our top picks for several reasons. This basket rack isn't just an add-on; it's a game-changer that can completely revolutionize how you ride, with whom you can ride, and the toys you can bring with you. Sporting a universal fit, you can mount this space-saving basket high enough to not impede bed storage, just about doubling your capacity. Embrace increased storage potential while accommodating other accessories effortlessly. Whether you're hauling gear for a weekend adventure or tools for the job, this universal fit rear bed basket has your back—literally.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Overbed Cargo Rack by AFX Motorsports

The AFX Motorsports Universal Overbed Cargo Rack embodies toughness and convenience, just like the rest of your Wildcat. Constructed from laser-cut heavy-duty steel and coated in black powder, this rack is designed to handle your off-road escapades easily and with style. Attaching to your stock cargo bed is a snap, and thanks to the well-balanced design, you can load the rack up without asymmetrically weighing down one side of your Wildcat. This overbed cargo rack is one of the most versatile solutions for carrying extra gear without compromising on stability, and it’s arched high enough to allow plenty of rear bed space as well. Installation is a breeze, ensuring you spend less time fitting it and more time exploring the wild.

                                   An ATV with the AFX Motorsports Universal Overbed Cargo Rack installed.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Cargo Bed Rack by Moose

When durability meets functionality, the Moose Cargo Bed Rack steps up to the plate. Crafted from rugged 16ga HRPO ASTM A 1011 steel, this bed rack spans the entirety of your bed, offering ample space underneath and providing plenty of its own. Made in the U.S.A., this rack is engineered to tie down cargo securely while ensuring it fits perfectly. Especially if you’re planning on securing a larger load in your rear bed as well—as this rack rests pretty high above the bed compared to most others—this option is among the most efficient and space-saving options in our collection that never compromises on off-road-worthy toughness.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Gun Defender Mount System by ATV TEK

For those who require a specialized setup, the ATV TEK Gun Defender Mount System is the pinnacle of versatility. Adjusting to fit any UTV bed, this system is quick to install and disassemble. With a width adjustment range from 26" to 56" and an array of mounting configurations, securing your firearms has never been easier. Feel confident on your off-road excursions knowing your equipment is safe and accessible.

                           The ATV TEK Gun Defender Mount System, pictured alone (not mounted on a vehicle) and against a blank background

Arctic Cat Wildcat Heavy Duty Bed Cargo Net by Kemimoto

For a practical and protective solution, the Kemimoto Heavy Duty Bed Cargo Net is a must-have. Featuring dense nylon netting with UV coating, it prevents small objects from flying out and shields cargo from sun exposure. Its durable materials and easy setup make securing your load a breeze, offering convenience and security in one package.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories Are Key!

Whether it's maximizing rear bed size or customizing top bed accessories, these offerings cater to diverse needs, ensuring your Arctic Cat Wildcat is ready for any adventure. Visit Everything Arctic Cat Offroad to explore these accessories and transform your UTV into the ultimate off-road companion