How To Increase The Top Speed Of Your Arctic Cat Side-By-Side

Oct 19th 2022

How To Increase The Top Speed Of Your Arctic Cat Side-By-Side

Nothing can match the feeling of tearing up the trails in your Arctic Cat Wildcat or Prowler at top speed. 

Whether barreling across the tundra or cruising through your local trails.. 

The thrill of putting the pedal to the metal…

The gust in your hair and face..

The adrenaline rush.. as you throttle up and fly over bumps and jumps.

It's genuinely exhilarating, and there's nothing quite like it.

No wonder, every driver's deepest desire is to leave clouds of dirt past the competition - or even the random guy you came across on your local trail.

The cats are fast, but maybe not fast enough to satisfy your appetite for speed, and it’s okay – we’re not judging.

And if you want to get to those top speeds as quickly as possible, then you need a few mods here and there. Of course, a full tank does very little to add speed, so we will stay clear of adding any such nonsense advice.

So, while an Arctic Cat Prowler isn't exactly a speed demon, how do you add more zip to it?

Get a Tune-up at Your Local Arctic Cat Dealer

As anybody who's ever driven an Arctic Cat Wildcat or Prowler can tell you, these machines are designed with perfection.

But, of course, as with any vehicle, there's always room for improvement, and that's where an ECU tune-up comes in handy.

Arctic Cat Prowler Pro ECU

By bringing your Arctic Cat to your local dealer for a tune-up, you can help to increase its speed and performance.

So what magic happens at the tune-up shop?

  • The technicians will fine-tune the ECU and engine, ensuring all the parts are working correctly, but that's not all.
  • The local dealer will check the tires and suspension to ensure everything is in good condition. Put some lubrication and tighten the suspension bolts, you know.
  • You might also want to have the local dealer raise the throttle, rev limiter, or even the top speed limiter.

In short, a tune-up can help keep your Arctic Cat Wildcat or Prowler running at peak performance - which means more excitement for you out on the trail.

So if you're looking to get a little more speed out of your Wildcat or Prowler, maybe to teach some friends or neighbors a lesson, get it tuned up at your local Arctic Cat dealer.

Make sure the Tires and Suspension are in good condition

While the engine will make ready with the tuneup, there will be no cruising at the knots rates until your tires and suspension are in the best condition.

Here are a few things you can do to amp up your Wildcats or Prowler's top speed.

  • First, if you are on a muddy trail, make sure the tires are clean and free of debris. This will help them grip the surface and provide maximum traction.
  • Make sure you have the terrain-specific tires designed for maximum grip and traction.
  • Next, check the suspension to ensure all the components are in good working order. If any parts are worn out or damaged, replace them.

With a little TLC for your tires and suspension, you'll be zooming across the trails in no time!

Install a new performance exhaust system

ECU Tuneup: Check ✔️

Perfect Tires and Suspension: Check ✔️

But what if you could go even faster?

Transform your Arctic Cat Wildcat from a mere trailblazer to a speed demon by installing a new performance exhaust system.

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Exhaust System

With increased flow and reduced back pressure, your engine can breathe easier, resulting in more power and faster speeds.

So hold on tight to leave the competition in the dust - with a new performance exhaust system, let’s fly across the finish line in no time.

Upgrade to a higher horsepower engine

If you're looking to throw in a little extra zip to your Arctic Cat Wildcat or Prowler, you might want to contemplate upgrading to a higher horsepower engine.

While the standard engine is perfectly fine for most people, you'll need extra power under the hood if you're looking to put the pedal to the metal. A higher horsepower engine can accelerate faster and reach higher speeds, giving you an edge over the competition.

Plus, it'll feel good to open up the throttle and let 'er rip. So if you're ready to go from 0-60 in no time flat, upgrade to a higher horsepower engine today.

Arctic Cat side-by-sides are known for their speed and power, but with a bit of know-how, you can increase the top speed of your Wildcat or Prowler in no time. So hold on tight and get ready to leave the competition in the dust - with these tips, you'll be zooming across the trails in no time!