Buyer's Guide: What to Look for When Buying an Arctic Cat Wildcat Windshield

Oct 19th 2022

Buyer's Guide: What to Look for When Buying an Arctic Cat Wildcat Windshield

Arctic Cat Wildcats are not made for clear roads and straight streets. These extreme machines go to extreme places where windshields are a must to have accessory to save you from lots of debris and severe weather. But, like most of the UTVs, Arctic Cat Wildcats don’t come stocked with windshields from the factory. That’s why windshields for these are one of the most common and essential aftermarket accessories.

Plus, choosing a type of windshield can be a bit of a nuisance, especially with the amount of design and material options out there in the market; it's hard to choose your pick.

So, if you are in a bit of limbo about your Wildcat windshield, let's review some of the common designs, their benefits, and downsides to help you decide.

Full Windshields for Arctic Cat Wildcat

If you are annoyed by mud splashing all over your face or helmet, or you need something to protect you from all the chilly air on those morning rides.

Definitely opt for a full windshield!

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield

These not only provide weather protection but also act as a splash or debris guard.

Full Windshields provide maximum protection against rain, snow, and flying rocks off tires. Especially if you ride in the rain, water crossings, and muddy trials, it's going to be a life-changing purchase.

One common downside you are probably going to encounter with full windshields is that these tend to produce a kind of vacuum pocket inside the cab at high speeds, and it gets really irritating when you are riding on those dusty trails and it starts sucking all the dust in. One way to not eat all that dust is to have a vented full windshield that will allow more air in and not let a vacuum pocket form in. Plus, on cold mornings, vented windshields help defrost your windshield, and these small vents also come in handy when you need some fresh breeze inside a full cab enclosure.

Another way to solve the issue of a vacuum pocket is to have a rear windshield. Plus, a rear windshield will also help block any flying rocks from the rear tires. Also, make sure, if you are not really big on hardware, try to look for the one that comes with easy Velcro straps to mount the windshield in seconds.

Half Windshields for Arctic Cat Wildcat

Sure, full windshields are suitable for all-out weather and debris protection. 

But I’d argue half the fun of driving a Wildcat is having to feel that fresh breeze stroke on your face, and when you start to feel, “now I’m really blowing off steam”.

That’s how you enjoy the thrill of the ride to its fullest.

So, if you’d like to experience that and also have some degree of protection from debris and hot air, half windshields are your go-to option.

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Polycarbonate Half Windshield

Half windshields are perfect for a rider who wants the air to come into the cab but still wants to block some of that debris or rain if you get caught in that.

Keep in mind sizing with half windshields is very important; why? Let me explain.

If you are a short heightened person, half windshields can impede your view, trying to see over it or through it, kind of looking through a fish tank situation. 

This can be a significant problem at high speeds as you would constantly try to up your line of sight over or below it.

So when buying that half windshield, size it appropriately for how you sit to drive your Arctic Wildcat or Prowler.

If you are sold on half windshields but don't want to have that windy cab, it's nice to know some half windshields have lips that allow the wind to be sheeted up and over the driver, creating a nice wind tunnel effect, so maybe that’s your match!

Flip Windshields for Arctic Cat Wildcat

Alright, you love the all-out protection a full windshield offers, but you can’t deny the fact you have a thing for the kind of breezy coolness half windshields brings to the table..

Well, fret not; flip windshields are the best of two worlds!

Arctic Cat Wildcat Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield

Essentially a full windshield that tilts all the way up ordown with a push of a button or manually to change into a half windshield.So when you want to feel cozy and toasty with a full windshield in wintertime, you can have it latched up.

And on hot summer days, you can have a fresh breeze stroking your face by tilting it down. Better yet, some of these have the options to be set at an angle to fit your needs.

Polycarbonate Windshield Vs. Glass Windshield For Arctic Cat Wildcat

Polycarbonate and Glass are the two main varieties of windshield materials on the market.

To make it simple for you which one suits your needs, we have outlined the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Glass Windshield


  • Cleans easy
  • Just like the windshield on your car, you are familiar with the cleaning and washing process.
  • Microfibers, tree branches and debris aren’t going to scratch the hard surface.
  • Necessary if you’re going to make your UTV street legal.


  • Not durable, cracks and spider webs easy
  • Adds more weight as compared to poly windshield
  • Relatively more expensive

Polycarbonate Windshield For Arctic Cat Wildcat

Polycarbonate windshields are easily the most widely used ones for SXS you will find out there.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Light weight as compared to a glass windshield
  • Mostly available with velcro clamps with easy-in, easy-out.


  • Scratches easy if not hard-coated; nearly impossible to buff out the scratches on a poly windshield, so it gets hazy quickly if not hard coated